Things to do in Iceland

Here are a few things to do in Iceland. For the enthusiastic hiker that wants a thrilling adventure hiking in Iceland is for you! The landscape is perfectly formed to give every hiker a diverse hiking experience. There are colorful mountains that provide not only a great hiking terrain but also beautiful scenery that is sure to take your breath away. However, there are other places that have different hiking terrain and gorgeous scenery. First there are the lava fields of which are 10 in total number. Their names are listed below.

Storavitishraun lava field
Trolladyngja lava field
Thjorsarhraun lava field
Eldgjarhraun / Landbrotshraun lava field
Ketildyngja lava field
Skaftareldahraun lava field
Kollottadyngja lava field
Kjalhraun lava field
Skjaldbreidur lava field
Heidin ha lava field
Hallmundarhraun lava field
Lambahraun lava field

Then we come to all the magnificent lakes. These lakes have many differences that set them apart from each other. Some of them are in crater like basins surrounded by foliage while others are surrounded by bare rock with ice visible. It all depends on where you go but they are all beautiful in their own way.


The Icelandic glaciers and the hot springs are also two other areas that are great for hiking. You will have to be careful while exploring but with the proper equipment and being alert to your surroundings you will be able to have the time of your life.


Finally, we come to the black sand beaches. There are several of these beaches in Iceland and they are actually formed of tiny black pebbles. When hiking these areas it almost seems as if you have traveled to another world. Most beaches you hear about are those covered in white sand but these are totally different and that can give them an otherworldly feeling. These beaches are a great choice for hikers looking for a completely different looking landscape.

There are many hiking trails that are available for those wanting to explore and there are even mountain huts that can be rented so that hikers do not have to miss a bit of the trail because they have to go back the way that they came. This is a very good feature for hikers so that they never have to stop exploring or be pressed for time.

The summer months are the best for hiking in Iceland. Some trails and areas are not able to be hiked unless the weather is warmer. In fact several trails are closed off during the cold months because they cannot be accessed with any degree of safety. There are campsites and some mountain huts available for those wishing to stay in a certain area but again the weather has a lot to do with when these are available. Camping out in areas beyond the campsite boundaries is not recommended.

Roads are open starting in mid-June or later and will be open through September. Once these roads are open you can access all the beautiful hiking areas that are available for any hiker who wants to take the ultimate hiking adventure.